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no one knows what to say so they all stand around watching the fires burn [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07 Jul 2007|11:18pm]
step away from the edge they said
now son listen to me everything is going to be alright
he reached for me
as i reached for the stars
he shuffled forards still holding on
as boldly steped fowards holding nothing back and on to nothing
he made a lunge and fell
i felt the wind rush by my face
as i fell face passing my feet
till the stair case on the out side of my building caught my fall
three stories down from my perch
i lay face down feeling my body hurt
watching as he hurtled by
hopeing that he wouldn't die
i was the one of which was planing that same fate
but now in a crumpled pile
i'm glad this stair case cramped my style
dying's not what i thought it was
as i watch that man hit the ground
i don't know if i'm okay but i'm glad i'm still alive

[07 Jul 2007|04:57pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

its all the same
so why can't we all just die in peace instead of peices?
this or that that or this
either way you play it
its a mouse4 trap thats just about to snap down on us all
you just have to figure out do you even want
to find the path witch lets you survive the longest
or is there some other path you want to follow?


[26 Jun 2007|11:18pm]
merry-go-round with jetpacks

[05 Jun 2007|10:17pm]
i had an idea i thought was kind of important but promptly forgot it when giong to write it

[05 Jun 2007|09:58pm]
never look over your shoulder you might just see what you feared you'd see
it coudl be real or not but just seeing it unnerves

i enjoy being a wasted misconception of life that encourages confusion [05 Jun 2007|09:49pm]
i love wasting their money, its fun doing things they'll never know about and knowing if they did it would burn them something righteous, i waste their electricity i waste their gas, i waste their breath, i waste their food. i confuse their words they would never dare confuse mine i mean come on how dare you acuse them of being wrong. but it leaves me feeling empty sad and sullen with remorse. living is a full time job for me it just seems they don't understand it. so i'll run away hide in a bush and grow my own food and cook my own meals poach me some rabits and maybe a phesant or two i'm a headed to that yonder mountain the one the hobos all leave for oh i'm going to that big rock candy mountain and maybe then i'll be home.
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[17 May 2007|05:31pm]
i smile through the pain as the bullets go insane
adreniline pumping in my vains, no more room for the blood
it spills out the holes the bullets make as they enty
punching right through me hitting vital organs and bones
making such pretty melodies pop shatter and splinter
its cool i got my knife just let him get close enough
i'll end his life, little cut here and a stab there
now thats why you don't start fights with the mentaly insane criminaly deranged

[16 May 2007|10:41pm]
you have to make the people you like a part of your life or else before you know it they will leave you.

when we die we all die alone [04 May 2007|12:13am]
[ mood | and fucked in the head ]

i cut my heart and what would you know i bleed
no ice shavings no cold stone heart
i'm just like every body else i got feelings too
though i burry them deeper then geaorge bush burries his political ememies
i've got them locked up and hidden better then osama
and all his fuckin' terror camps
fuck school kids don't go to summer camp just buy a one way ticket
come on man who doesn't want to be a marter
what more can you do than die for your beliefs i'll tell you what you can live
cuz living's fucking hard i don't see no martars doing it
they all too the easy way out i mean my friends did that too
but i thought they pussy bitches cuz life's hard knocks
there ain't no way around it, you get dealt the hand you got
if its full of shit then damn you better hope you making a potrajhon company so you can charghe people for shittin' on you
just ahll that shit out and dump it in some one else's charge
or else you better be a fuckign farmer and buy some seed so you can use that shit to fertalisze your weed, but man what if you just had a bead
nothign else thats it a singular bead?

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[01 May 2007|11:07pm]
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often,
please post a comment with a memory or memories of you and me. It can be anything you want-- good or bad.
When you've finished, post this little paragraph on your blog, and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.
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the story of it all [24 Apr 2007|12:58pm]
i think its kind of scary the world we live in now
we say the other is so hard to understand yet its really easy
guys trying to figure out girls and girls just trying to figure out guys
all we want is the other for our own shallow reasons
body sex mind love company friend
just someone to hold near

[24 Apr 2007|12:52pm]
i have papers to write. lotsa lotsa lotsa papers to write. i wish i didn't procrastinate.

now for a song lyrics i thought up in my head:
die for your country
die for your men
put your life to use
believe in something big
bigger than you
and bigger than me
lets put our heads together
and think of something big

[22 Apr 2007|03:08am]
i feel like shit

riddle dribble our of a stone fountains mouth [19 Apr 2007|06:37pm]
i'm sick and tired of the human condition, like agent smith said it makes me sick i feel contaminated just form being aroudn them like that muggy feel of smoked cigerates in a small room with no windows you just get this feeling around you that lingers and sufocates

it all fell down [15 Apr 2007|03:24pm]
i'm sitting in the remains of a very perfect castle
a palace of splendor who's tall walls i tore down
on a whim i let them go on a whim groth and death
the roses grew wild untames and uncontroled
the fire burned with a fever for pain
unquenched by their petals and thorns
a new ideal was born left on the grounds
ashes soon spread, no more the thorny walls
once tall they lead skyward halting the wind
now just dust in the breeze catching on a branch
left in the grove where the trees still skirt
whats left of this very perfect castle
just dust on a breeze stuck in the trees that skirt the remains
if only you could see life's already fixed it
a circle you see, dont' worry i didn't see it at first
but you start with the walls of the very perfect palace
from there you go to the ashes to the breze to the trees
that skirt the very perfect palace then end the circile with the walls
the walls that suround this very perfect palace
this very perfect palce

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